Micah Abbananto


Micah Abbananto was born with the design gene.

When she was little, if you came to play at her house you helped her redesign her room instead of playing games or dolls! This love for design would be a passion and hobby throughout her life.

Micah launched Stage 33 and 33 Design in 2016 after years of helping friends and family with their design needs. It’s one thing to dream and its another to live that dream. Her business has exploded in the last year as she has acquired another staging company, her redesign business is growing, and she is very excited to take on the role as in-house designer for MassaRossa on their full custom homes. What sets her apart is her expertise for helping others discover their personal style and see that come to life in their new home.

Micah lives in Oklahoma City with her three amazing kids. Summit is her home church. She is an F-5 tornado survivor and loves to use her personal testimony to tell others about Jesus’ forgiveness. She is very active and loves to be on the go. She is constantly looking for the next adventure to share with her kids.