5 Questions to ask a Custom Home Builder

5 Questions to ask a Custom Home Builder

Building a custom house is an exciting and personal process. You have likely spent hours dreaming about your home and thinking about how you can improve on your space to support your lifestyle. So, what is the next step? Finding your builder. We are here to help you be prepared from the very first conversation. Here are 5 questions to ask at the beginning of your custom home build.

1. What Is Your Architectural Style?

There are so many styles of home architecture. Architects use a wide range in styles and usually specialize in one, meaning they have spent the majority of their career gaining experience in one area. Or some architects have well-rounded backgrounds that can fit any need you may have. Whatever style, you want an architect who has mastered what you need. If you are looking for a Victorian style house, don’t hire someone who has spent most of their career designing modern homes. If you are not sure what kind of architectural style you are looking for, talk to your architect about your lifestyle. They can take you through all the best styles that can support your needs.

2. What Experience Do You Have in Creating Energy Efficient Homes?

The most important process towards making your home energy efficient are significantly easier and cheaper to do during your build. Using quality, cutting-edge materials is a must in order to avoid high utility costs and massive structural changes down the line. When you have an architect who is practiced in finding creative solutions to energy efficiency, they can guide you towards the right decisions.

3. What kinds of visualizations will I see before custom building begins?

Some architects make 2D blueprints of their vision. Others use 3D models. This is a helpful thing to know. It seems small, but it is incredibly important to visualize this together. It keeps you on the same page as your architect and gives you the language to say what you want to change between custom models. Whatever their visualization method, ask how they can help bring you in on the official vision.

4. What Creative Solutions Do They Use to Make a Space Functional?

We all want our home to be beautiful, but it also needs to function for the sake of our lifestyles. Before asking your architect this question, ask yourself some questions about how you want your space to function. If you are a family with children, ask yourself how you want your laundry process to look. Or maybe hosting people is important to you. Ask yourself how you want your custom kitchen design and living space to accommodate that. Your architect will have great insight into how to make your home support your life from day one.

5. What Experience Do You Have in Oklahoma?

It is essential that an architect have experience building in your location. Weather patterns and details about the land will be important in their decision making process. MassaRossa works with the top architects to ensure your Oklahoma luxury home build is top-of-the-line. Our team makes sure to cover everything you need and communicate effectively from start to finish. To learn more about our full-spectrum of services and our breathtaking communities, get in touch today.