8 Ways to Run your Home Efficiently this Winter

8 Ways to Run your Home Efficiently this Winter

We know you want to be the best prepared for each season. Running your home efficiently is important for the environment and your household overhead. As we head further into the colder months, here are some simple tips on how to get your home ready for winter in Oklahoma.

Use a draft snake

A draft snake is a weighted pillow that runs at the bottom of your door and keeps cold air from coming through. This is a great way to keep cold air out and warm air in during the winter.

Change your furnace filter

Your furnace filter needs to be changed every 3 months. A dirty furnace filter continues to recirculate old dust in your home, causing allergies and bad smells. Not only that, it can reduce the overall lifespan of your furnace and cause your heater to run less efficiently. Changing your filter is a great way to keep your utility bill low in the winter.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans aren’t just a way to keep cool in the summer. Heat rises. Often, most of the heat in a room can get stuck above the fan. Reversing the direction of the fan helps redistribute that trapped heat around the room.

Turn down our water heater temperature

Water heaters are usually set to 140 degrees. Setting it down to 120 degrees can help keep your utility bill low while preventing scalding. The average household loses standby heat when their water heater is up too high. Making that small adjustment can lead to big savings on utilities for the year.

Seal Air leaks with caulk and weather stripping

The winter is a great time to reseal small holes in your windows and doors. Many people find that the cold air coming through the cracks in caulk is easier to find than warm air in the summer. Finding time for this small advantage can go a long way in your utility bills all year long.

Schedule a heating tuneup

After being off all summer, your heater may need a professional to tune it up. It is good to have the appliances you rely on checked on a few times of year. Proper maintenance is better than an all-out fix and keeps you better prepared in every season.

Keep your thermostat low

This seems obvious, but it's worth repeating. You can save up to 3% of your utility bill per degree you set your thermostat down. Wearing a sweater inside and setting your thermostat down a degree or two could translate into big savings.

Trust a Homebuilder to use energy efficient doors and windows

Your home builder in Oklahoma makes many decisions that affect your utility bill before you move in. Trusting home builders who use the best materials every time is essential. MassaRossa installs the most efficient doors and windows to help keep your home running as efficiently as possible. Don't settle for a homebuilder who does not. Call MassaRossa today and put yourself in the best.