Luxury Bathroom Garden Tubs

Luxury Bathroom Garden Tubs

After a long day of hard work, physical fatigue and mental exhaustion, there is nothing better than taking a nice warm bath with a glass of wine, and letting your stress slowly dissipate. Traditional tubs, however, make it hard to completely immerse yourself into this safe haven as you awkwardly sit in a tub wondering how you’ll even submerge your entire leg without overfilling it. That’s exactly why MassaRossa’s luxury homes allow you to add a garden bathtub in your home.

The debate on why these tubs have their names has not been completely established. Some say it is because these tubs were placed in front of a scenic view of the garden, others credit its name to quite literally having their garden in the tub. No matter why they have their name, the garden tub makes for a perfect focal piece in your bathroom. From style, to its functional use, a garden tub, without a doubt, can make your bathroom feel luxurious in every way.

Garden tubs are freestanding, making its placement a little unpredictable in each bathroom. This allows you to make it the focal point of the room, or to place it in a more private and cozy area off to the side. From a minimalistic, modern design, to one that expresses an old fashioned taste with the bateau-style, garden tubs come in many different designs. Though they usually come in ovals, these tubs can vary in shape like in our Ladera Lane home. They also come in different materials. You can channel warmer tones in your bathroom with a wood garden tub, or get a more rustic and industrial feel with a copper garden tub. Maybe you want to keep it modern and simple, making porcelain enameled cast iron a great option for you. They also come in granite, stone, acrylic, stone resin and plastic; the options are endless.

Garden tubs are not only great because of their aesthetic, however. Their deeper fill, and wider fit make these tubs perfect for your self-care routines. Using the tub is, by far, the best part. You can finally close your eyes, lay your head back and soak away the day. We’ve listed a couple more features that these wonderful garden tubs can include:

  • Premium Materials
  • Custom Faucets
  • Statement Piece Positioning
  • Oversized Dimensions
  • Easy entrances

Here is a small sample of some of our favorite luxury bathroom garden tub designs.