Things to Do in Edmond Oklahoma for Easter

Things to Do in Edmond Oklahoma for Easter

The trees are finally beginning to show green again, the flowers in your yard are blossoming and the birds are chirping their sweet song once more. Spring is in bloom, and with April right around the corner, Easter is only two hops away!

Oklahoma is full of exciting events for you and your family to enjoy in celebration of the Easter holiday. From events that are catered to the kids, including your fur babies, to ones that are just for the adults, Oklahoma has much to offer you this Easter.

Kid Friendly Activities for Easter

Easter for the kids is easy in Oklahoma. With plenty of events for them to run around and scavenge for their next egg, the question won’t be “what events are there?” but “which one do we go to?”

Many of these events occur on different days, making it easy for you to get your kids outside to enjoy Spring’s fresh air.

All events will be linked toward the bottom, so you can check out any details you might need for attendance!

On April 2, you could find yourself cuddled up with bunnies and smiling in front of the camera with your little one at Thomas Webber Knows the Easter Bunny.

This event is perfect for kids thrilled to take pictures with the hopping star and animal lovers alike. Free to the community, and right in Edmond, anyone can come. Plus, you don’t have to travel far from your MassaRossa Luxury Home to get there.

If you’re looking for an event that is also special needs kid friendly, look no further than Easter Egg Scramble in Moore, Oklahoma.

With six different fields to hunt for eggs on, there is no such thing as no more room in this very inclusive event. This is held on April 3rd, so buckle up for a scenic ride and tell your little one to get ready for a great game of egg hunting. See the chart below for more details!

If your kids love games with a prize, search no further than Easter Egg Hunt at Bethany Children’s Health Center.

Held on the Miracle Stadium field, your kids will feel the magic in the air as they scavenge for the winning egg. This free and fun event falls on April 9th, giving you a bit more time to prepare.

Your kids will be raving about the fun they have at any of these events.

Fur Babies Deserve to Enjoy Easter Too!

Our dogs can enjoy the outdoors just as much as we can. From sun bathing with their bellies up, to running playfully in a field of white daisies, Spring time is their season to bask in perfect weather and sunshine. Which is exactly why Easter is For the Dogs is a must attend event for you and your pup!

Here, they can sniff out treats and get their photoshoot with the Easter Bunny while making friends with other dogs. It is sure to be a blast, leaving them tired from all the fun!

It’s important to preregister for this event since there are different times for different weight classes. Check out the link in our chart below to learn more about East is For the Dogs.

Easter for Adults is An Absolute Must

Kids should not have all of the fun on Easter. If you are looking for some adult friendly fun on this holiday that doesn’t include kids, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the Easter Egg Hunt for Grown Ups on April 2nd! Enjoy time doing an egg hunt filled with tasty food trucks, awesome music and beverages only made for 21 years and older.

Find tickets at the link in the chart

If you want something that’s a bit more laid back and relaxing, check out Easter High Tea.

Located at Skirvin Hotel, Easter High Tea is the event to buzz over soothing chamomile, or a kicking chai tea latte with friends while you enjoy the gentle breeze of Spring. Paired with other local teas and treats made by Skirvin, you’ll be nothing short on great taste.

Covid Friendly Easter

Celebrating Easter with COVID in mind, doesn’t have to be a challenge. Join Crossroads Church for Easter Egg Drive Thru on April 3rd.

Socially distanced, but still full of fun, you can feel safe while enjoying the festivities of Easter through an egg giveaway. So take a ride, and blast your favorite tunes with friends for this one!

Easter In Edmond is Amazing

Whether you just want to entertain the kids, get your dog outside some more, or spend time with friends, Edmond has what you need this Easter.

It is the perfect location to establish you and your family in a custom luxury home with MassaRossa.

If you’re looking for a great area to live in and build your dream home, we have got you covered. Contact us today to get started on your home, and experience Easter in Edmond all the time!

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