What to Consider for Your Custom Kitchen

What to Consider for Your Custom Kitchen

As the weather grows brisk, we begin to prepare for the upcoming Holidays at MassaRossa. We reminisce about seasons before, spending time with friends and family as we share laughs and precious memories over warm meals and fantastic wine. Those meals are unforgettable, aren’t they? Tradition and food always go hand in hand, and as we approach the holiday season yet again, we want to talk about one of the most important pieces of every home: the kitchen. 

When building your custom home in Edmond, the kitchen can be one of the most challenging areas to consider.

  • Should I have a double oven?
  • What about a convection oven?
  • Should we consider having seating on our island?
  • Do I want a drop-in sink, or a farmhouse one?

All of these questions are great to ask yourself when considering how you want your kitchen to look, but these questions are also important for how you want your kitchen to function. Functionality is one of the top priorities for your kitchen because you want it to be able to suit you and your family’s everyday life. 

Let's start with the oven, shall we.

An integral appliance during your family holiday dinners, you will want to ensure that your oven suits your needs perfectly. Deciding between conventional, or convection is not as tricky as you may think. Convection ovens allow for more even cooking as the heat is distributed throughout, whereas a conventional oven holds certain pockets of hotter air. Conventional ovens, however, have proven to do better with some baked goods, thus, if baking is your thing, you might want to stick with a conventional oven.

If you do a ton of cooking, considering a double wall oven is a great idea! Not only will it provide you with cooking convenience, but it also gives you the opportunity to have both a convection and conventional oven (for those who are still having a hard time choosing.) 

If you're not too keen on cooking, however, a great consideration for you might be a double oven range. With this option, you have the ability to take up the same amount of space as a conventional oven, and have the dual oven, in a slightly smaller size. This option would also leave you more wall space for cabinets.

Cabinets and storage space are details of a kitchen that, while not often talked about, should be heavily considered. Being able to have enough storage space allows you to keep your kitchen properly organized and hassle free. One way to create more storage space in your kitchen is to add drawers or cabinets into your island. This addition makes for a crisp and neat kitchen appearance.

Island Time

Islands are not only perfect for adding more storage space, but can be a great location for informal, everyday family meals, or sink areas. This can turn your island into a very useful tool for you and your family. 

Create space in your island for seating, and keep your friends and family around you as you do prep work in the kitchen. This space is also great for more casual meal settings. Add chairs on both sides, or leave an overhang on one side to provide different seating angles and change up the interactions. 

Building a sink into your island makes for better convenience and less room for clutter. More space means more room to place some fairly random items in your kitchen. One way to prevent that is by placing a sink on your island. This makes way for the dishes and other necessities a sink may require as well as gives you more prep space. Prepping can require a lot of countertop area. By placing a sink in your island, you can have access to all of your prep without having to transfer things back and forth, which maintains an organized and clean station. To get some ideas of island designs, check out our Luxury Kitchen Island Designs

While we’re on the topic of sinks, considering sinks is yet another small detail that makes a large difference in the functionality of your kitchen. Larger families with tons of dishes might want to consider a farmhouse sink. This sink has a deep basin, giving you more depth to pile those dishes. Love to cook? Try a three sectioned sink. These sinks include a specific section just for prep. Maybe try a classic drop in sink if you’re looking for a multitude of attachments on your wash station. Whichever sink you decide to implement in your kitchen, you’ll want to be sure that it meets the needs of you and your family's cooking adventures.

The kitchen is truly an integral part of every home, especially during the holidays.

While we have covered some great aspects of your kitchen, we definitely have not covered everything to be considered. At MassaRossa, we have a team of people devoted to helping you create your perfect custom home. Contact us today to begin building your luxury home, designed with the perfect kitchen for the holidays and your family.