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Luxury Home Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Luxury Home Designs

You must be excited to build your new home with the best architectural designs, right? But do you know which is best for your neighbor, may not be good at all for you? It is possible that some designs lure you so much that you want them at your home. But, to build luxury homes in Edmond, OK, you need to be sure that is the best pick for you.

Here are some types from which you may choose, but of course seek an expert’s advice before investing in.

Craftsman Home

This is the type that emphasizes the uniqueness of a home. Adding little features to the designs, you can bring a difference to this home. Handmade railings, exposed beams, extra-ordinary woodworks etc. are the features of this type of home that would add a definition to the biggest asset.

Colonial Home

This style is very popular one in the luxury homes in Edmond, OK. If you are fond of traditional designs with a classy look, the colonial designs would be apt for you. This is basically a trend of the 1600s and still a popular choice. Solid construction with symmetrical architecture, evenly-spaced windows, porches and shutters would make your home stand out of the crowd.


Highly functional in design, the farmhouse has multiple utilities along with the chic finish. The architecture is quite simple with large and open rooms. The extremely spacious design makes it perfect for the families to enjoy their quality time together.

Cape Cod

If you want luxury homes in Edmond, OK, but within your budget, you can look for the Cape Cod design. Rectangular in shape, these homes have open floor plans. These are easy to maintain. The simple design and symmetrical lines in the exterior make it so popular in Edmond and throughout the U.S.

Ranch Style

This is another cost-effective style that includes efficient designs. These are generally one-storied, more accessible to the exteriors and spacious. Definitely, it is a good pick for your family.

FarmhouseModern Homes

The clean and sleek designs paired with sophisticated style bring a difference to the modern homes. It is for you if you are eco-conscious. Flat roofs, clean lines, gorgeous woodwork, glass and tile finishes and open indoor allowing plenty of lights and air are what you can expect in the modern homes.

French Provincial Style

Since the last decade, the French style homes have gained its popularity in Oklahoma. The feel of French homes is well maintained here with the oversized fireplace, gorgeous gardens, luxurious bathrooms, tall ceilings, matching windows etc.

While choosing the architecture of your home, don’t consider the style that only looks good. You have to check the utilities and advantages. For guiding you on the right path, you can take help of the professionals. Contact Massa Rossa Luxury Homes for the luxury homes in Edmond, OK and select the best out of the deal.

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