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Your Multi-generational Home Is No Longer a Dream

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HomeDo you have a big family to live in the same house? If you want to raise your children and nourish them with the love of their grandparents – you are of course on the right track. Staying at complete opposite pole of nuclear family you need a bigger home. In that case, you need more rooms and the home design should be kid-friendly as well as perfect for adults. Even if you do not have a situation to build a home, investing in a big multi-generational home is a wise decision.

The first thing the new home builders in Edmond, OK, always encourage people to keep space for everyone. Everyone wants their private space and you should respect it. You can keep a playroom or play space for your kids or a kitchenette for elderly people.

Whereas the idea of keeping difference entrance for everyone whether it is elderly people or adult children may appeal you, it does not conflict to keep a living room to gather. Ask your builder to keep the kitchen or living area bigger so that everyone can gather there and have dinner or a cup of coffee and snacks together. Make sure the area is functional with enough storage capacity; it will keep space clutter free.

Do not forget to keep the house accessible for seniors while making it child-friendly. For an example, make doors wide enough so that a wheelchair can easily enter and all rooms are lit well. It is a good idea to keep separate bathrooms for elder people, if it not possible, keep family bathrooms easily accessible for them. Install grab bars, shower seating, shower-level entry to prevent falls and slips.

Open Floor HouseKeep as much as possible, open floor; it gives a feeling of togetherness. Open floor means fewer doors to be navigated. Similarly, keep outdoor space for family gatherings and small parties. A back deck with a ramp is quite a good idea. Keep handles at both sides of the ramp for easy grip. Even this place can have a barbeque arrangement also.

Do you consider a garage? The new home builders in Edmond, OK, would ask how many vehicles are there in your home. Depending on the number of cars and models, you can only consider space for your garage.

The first thing to keep in mind while making a multi-generational home is to remain flexible. Be open to everyone’s need and be ready to make changes depending on the situation. For any changes or for a complete construction, you can call us at Massa Rossa Luxury Homes. It would be great to hear from you and be your new home builders in Edmond, OK.

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